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A few of my favorite WP functions – collection 1

Some great WP functions to make your life just a little happier. I’m always digging through past projects grabbing these snippets. Here they are, centralized! Note! I did not write any of these, I’ve just collected them throughout my various projects. Your mileage will vary. A new ‘Read More’, replaces the […] |*|-php-|*| function new_excerpt_more( …continue reading

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Roll our own Events with Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields

With the vast amount of Event’s Plugins in the WP universe, it would be crazy to roll your own! Let’s dig in… First off I don’t like reinventing the wheel, nor am I a plugin-phobe. But recently I’ve ran into a few occasions where I needed something unique, that I couldn’t get out of one …continue reading

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Alter elements in the DOM based on scrollTop position

A small script to make changes after the user has scrolled an x amount from the top, or returning to the top of the screen. An example would be the hamburger menu icon on this site. I’m applying a class to it after the visitor scrolls down to make the icon fixed, for easier accessibility. …continue reading

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Strengthen WP without installing a plugin

WP Security Has been on my mind. As v 3.7.1 WP ships with auto-updates for security and maintenance. This puts me at peace of mind for many of my clients, who unfortunately, don’t update as much as they should. I always take a few precautions upfront that I know help strengthen the site: Never use …continue reading

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Foundation: A look at different ways to use this framework – part 1

I’ll start by saying a like Foundation a lot. Almost love it. I have been frustrated many times by this framework, but that’s to be expected with anything this complex. I’ve dabbled with a lot, and used a couple like Bootstrap and Skeleton for sites that are live. Basically, items that make me run away …continue reading

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Setting up responsive video on a multi-author blog

Thought I was doing some smart codin’ but… then the website broke  OK, all jokes aside. Recently I was building a site for a new online music magazine. Amongst the many things I needed to plan out, responsive video was one. I was using Zurb’s Foundation 4 to build a prototype of the site, so …continue reading

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