Design & Development

WP Plugin Business Address

A client asked me the other day if there was a way to write his address once in the backend, and display it in various places throughout the site. Quickly, my answer was “yes, of course”, after all we’re just creating some variables and echoing them. A few solutions came to mind, but I did …continue reading

Bare-bones html navigation menu

More often than not I use some sort of horizontal navigation bar for my projects, at least for mid-size screens on up. This is a module I’m tweaking that would most likely be wrapped in a Media Query for around 40-50em min-width. Some frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation often include 2 duplicate html copies …continue reading

Semantic HTML and page architecture

This article’s purpose is to serve as a reference guide for myself and developers/agencies I work with. Defining best practices and a consistent workflow/thought process is always worth its time creating. Typically speaking, here’s a few basic guidelines I follow: Use HTML5 element tags for semantically defining blocks of content Attach classes for layout and …continue reading