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Introducing Righty CSS – a micro grid and toolbox

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Does the world need another grid? Another framework?

Probably not. There are so many to choose from, big and small. Yet, somehow they were all designed to solve a specific problem, or series of problems. And as they seem to continue to be complex and heavy, stripping it down seems to be refreshing.

I’ve currently been building out many of my projects with small modules and plugins I choose, instead of just hitting it with Bootstrap or Foundation ( side note, I do love Foundation ).

Righty CSS is a small chunk of scss I can include into a project and recycle some of my favorite snippets. There is a simple grid that will suit many projects, that is super minimal. There are a few handy helpers and modules, like a navigation bar and css-only tabs, that can be easily inserted into your projects. In each scss partial is a commented out chunk of corresponding html. The scss is also pretty well documented, and simple.

My plan is too keep this light, but will most likely add a few more modules that are common among projects. Of course, these only reach the compiled css if you choose to comment them back into the flow.

Please checkout the demo page, as well as github.

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